New product launch-Cold oil presser

The oil press manufactured with the most advantageous technology can squeeze many kinds of seeds with high efficiency and high oil yield.

The use of spiral extrusion technology, frequency converter control pressure adjustment, and oil residue nozzle adjustment can ensure the

highest pressing efficiency. When squeezing, make the oil output temperature low,

About 35°~55C, it is a real cold pressing, completely retaining the complete nutrition of the oil. The obtained crude oil has less impurities, and can

also save the time of subsequent filtration and the cost of consumables.

Compared with the traditional cage screw oil extraction technology, in addition to the relatively low temperature, it can also replace the traditional

sesame oil truck direct pressure method, which is high in loss and time-consuming.

Another advantage is that it can switch raw materials in a short time, suitable for diversified production modes, simple and easy to disassemble after pressing, can be completely cleaned, sturdy and durable, and low failure rate.

New product launch-Cold oil presser