About Maker

Maker is a solutions-providing orientated company. We persist in the attitude of “customer first”, professional service,

quality assurance, steadfast enthusiasm and pursuing sustainable development of the company.

We have been insisting on providing high-quality, high-performance equipment and implementing quality control

procedures to satisfy our customers and meet the high quality needs of our customers.

All machines and equipment are equipped with the standards of ruggedness, high safety, easy operation and low

maintenance rate, and aim to create a win-win situation with customers.

In response to customer needs, R&D design and equipment improvement, the design orientation is based on and ,

which is convenient for production line operators.

Actively develop product diversification, I believe that we can definitely accompany the development of customer

products, provide satisfactory planning, excellent machinery and after-sales service.

We provide products and services that satisfy our customers, and continue to pursue progress and transcendence

in quality.


Automatic tapioca pearls cooking machine, Powder production equipment, Powder round machine, Cold oil presser,

Powder mixer, Conveyor.


For labor-saving and quality-control purposes, we specialize in Whole plant equipment planning, Powder mixing turnkey system, Powder and granule transportation designing and planning, Powder and Granule mixer, Small mill and grinder,

bubble powder equipment, and other special equipment for food automation equipment development.

Marketing in related fields. For example: electronics, healthy food, medicine, biotechnology, chemical, bakery, cosmetics and other related industries.


Integrity, enthusiasm and stability are the consistent beliefs of Maker, which enables our equipment to exhibit

low manpower, high efficiency and humanized control, create practical value and exert mechanical aesthetics.


About Maker